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Presented by Indigo Soul NYC
Sponsored by AVID
Taught by Immersive Audio Engineer Pascal Pahl

Join us at Indigo Soul NYC: The Light Room on the first Saturday of every month from 9pm until late for a networking event made for creatives of all mediums and industries across the city to talk, network, and relax! Enjoy free refreshments and an open, self-serve bar. Guests are welcome!

If you subscribe to TIDAL, Apple Music, and/or Amazon Music, you’ve probably seen the Dolby Atmos trademark while listening to your favorite tracks. What is Dolby Atmos and why is the industry pushing it more into focus? Whether you’re a seasoned engineer looking to step-up your mixing chops, or an aspiring singer-songwriter looking for a cool new way to listen to your music, this masterclass will take you through the details of the immersive audio format.

October 26-27th, Indigo Soul NYC will be hosting a FREE masterclass each evening at their world-class Brooklyn recording studio The Sound Cave taught by skilled Dolby Atmos engineer Pascal Pahl through which the audience will experience the process of constructing, tuning, and mixing a song start to finish from Stereo to Dolby Atmos through a Binaural down render.



Thanks to our good friends at AVID, we're excited to announce that we'll be doing a giveaway of a FREE 1-Year Subscription to PRO TOOLS STUDIO to an attendee of the classes chosen at random! You must attend one of the masterclasses to be entered to win.

About Immersive Audio Engineer Pascal Pahl:

Pascal Pahl is constantly expanding his boundaries as a multi-faceted artist: record producer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist rooted in jazz harmony and improvisation. He has worked with everything audio and music from producing highly-streamed pop tracks, mixing full big bands and orchestras amongst other genres in Dolby Atmos, finishing film trailers, and has even spent time as an instructor at multiple high schools and universities across the U.S.



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Indigo Soul NYC: The Sound Cave

36 Waverly Ave, Unit 11

Brooklyn, NY 11205


Thursday, Oct. 26th 7:30-9pm EST

Friday, Oct. 27th 6-7:30pm EST

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