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Taylor Tote

New Jersey/New York indie pop artist, Taylor Tote, an award winning singer-songwriter, is mesmerizing and has a certain ferocity to her music. She is not afraid of change and is on a constant journey to better herself as a musician and will draw from any music genre to obtain the sound that she is after. Taylor's stage presence and live performances built her reputation and quickly garnered her multiple accolades as a "Must see" show; catapulting her into elite status and leading to eventual mini-tours around the country. Tote continues to split her time between New York City and New Jersey. Tote’s intense schedule is surrounded by music, there is no doubt that music is Tote’s passion and what she was born to do. This really becomes self-evident that she is self-aware and possesses a unique brand of stage presence that goes far beyond the stage itself.

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